The Acting Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, H.E. Sardar Ahmed Shakeeb, met with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Filippo Grandi. During the meeting, Ambassador Shakeeb expressed his gratitude to Mr. Grandi for his visit to Pakistan and his inquiry into the status of Afghan refugees. He emphasized that, due to the absence of a clear official policy, Afghan refugees in Pakistan face numerous challenges. Ambassador Shakeeb advocated for regular tripartite meetings between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the UNHCR, facilitated by Mr. Grandi’s efforts. He stressed that these meetings would help establish a clear policy and mechanism, enabling Afghan refugees to live without falling victim to political circumstances. The Ambassador underscored that Afghan refugees should not be subjected to forced deportation but rather allowed to repatriate with dignity. Furthermore, he called for the provision of a unified and valid card for all Afghan refugees. Ambassador Shakeeb further suggested that closer monitoring of the situation by the UNHCR would lead to a better understanding of the refugees’ problems. In response, Mr. Grandi acknowledged that the forced deportation of Afghan refugees had been largely driven by political factors. He informed that he had engaged in discussions with Pakistani authorities to address this issue, resulting in the suspension of forced deportations for the time being. Mr. Grandi also expressed strong support for a tripartite meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the UNHCR to ensure the unification and validation of refugee cards, the protection of refugee rights, and the prevention of the politicization of their status.