Police Clearance Certificate

The Embassy processes the Police Clearance requests for (I) Afghan nationals, who live in Pakistan, and (II) Foreign nationals, who live in Pakistan, and worked/lived in Afghanistan. 

Afghan Nationals


  • Request letter. an Afghan applicant should write a request letter in ENGLISH addressed to this Embassy and outline (a) the services needed; (b) personal details (name, father’s name, date and place of birth); (c) current address; and (d) contact number.
  • Application Form. An Afghan applicant should complete this FORM in English.
  • Fingerprints. All ten fingerprints should be taken in the designated form. Finger prints should be taken by a police station/department.
  • Passport Copy (Afghan, Pakistani passports).
  • Tazkira Copy. An Afghan applicant should submit a copy of his/her Tazkira. If the applicant does not have a Tazkira, she/he should include a Tazkira copy of his/her parental relatives such as father, grandfather, siblings, uncles (father’s brothers), aunts (father’s sisters) and cousins of father’s side.
  • Proof of Address in Pakistan. An applicant should send a copy of either his/her driver license, utility bill or bank statement in the postal package.
  • Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. An Express/Registered self-addressed return envelope MUST be included in the postal package. Without this, the Embassy will NOT be able to send you back the results.
  • Fee. Embassy will charge $15.USD for one application.