H.E. Mawlawi Sardar Ahmad Shakeeb
Acting Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan

Early Life

Mawlawi Sardar Ahmad Shakeeb was born on November 11, 1978, in the Shah Joy district of Zabul province, Afghanistan. Growing up in a region with rich cultural and historical significance, he developed a deep appreciation for his country’s heritage and values from an early age.



Mr. Shakeeb pursued his education with a focus on Shariah Law, culminating in his graduation in 2015 with a degree equivalent to a Master’s. His academic journey equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of Islamic jurisprudence, which would later become integral to his professional endeavors.



With a keen interest in media and politics, Mr. Shakeeb embarked on a career that spanned over two decades, marked by his active involvement in various capacities. He served as a member of the Media Commission of the Islamic Emirate, where he contributed significantly to shaping public discourse and communication strategies.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shakeeb held diverse roles, including spokesperson and operator for the Al-Samood Arabic website. He also distinguished himself as the author of Al-Emara, demonstrating his prowess not only in communication but also in analytical thinking and writing.


Present role


Currently, Mawlawi Sardar Ahmad Shakeeb serves as the acting ambassador of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to Pakistan. In this crucial diplomatic position, he leverages his extensive experience and expertise to foster bilateral relations and represent the interests of his nation on the international stage.


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