Embassy of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan in Russia

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Moscow is the diplomatic mission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the Russian Federation. It is located at 42 Povarskaya Street (Russian: Поварская ул., 42) in the Arbat district of Moscow. Following the fall of the country to the Taliban in August 2021, the embassy remained in operation as a representative of the Islamic Republic, until the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited Taliban appointee Jamal Nasir Gharwal as charge d’affaires on 9 April 2022.

The mission is housed in historical Ponizovsky House, designed by Lev Kekushev, although its exterior was later radically altered and does not display signs of Kekushev’s Art Nouveau style.

In 1902 Jacob Reck’s development company purchased a large Volchkov estate, split it in two lots, and invited Kekushev to design two luxury mansions for resale. The better known Mindovsky House (present-day Embassy of New Zealand) was set right on the street corner, with the main entrance facing the spacious inner courtyard. Ponizovsky House was set back from Povarskaya street line, allowing a narrow strip of garden between the wall and sidewalk; its main entrance faces the corner of Povarskaya Street and Skatertny Lane. Period photographs show that the building had a flattened yet prominent dome above the main entrance and a smaller curvilinear gable above Povarskaya street facade; overall styling was reserved, with clear vertical lines of windows cut through a tiled wall. In 1914, when Kekushev was already inactive, Ponizovsky House was rebuilt to a neoclassical design, losing the dome and all original exterior finishes.