The Statement of IEA-MoFA regarding the closure of Torkham gate.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls the closure of Torkham gate and opening fire on Afghan security forces, actions against good neighborliness.

The government of Pakistan closed the Torkham gate following the Pakistani security forces opened fire on the Afghan security forces while they were busy repairing an old security post having been built several years back.

The closure of the Torkham route has badly affected the trade of the both countries and the region, resulting in making businessmen on both sides suffer financial losses.

Recently, a truck of an Afghan businessman, loaded with figs, which was on its way to India through Wagah border, was burnt near Pakistani police checkpoint, which has caused great concern and undermined trust.

Earlier, the Pakistani government has stopped hundreds of containers loaded with Afghan goods under the pretext of the Sensitive List in Karachi port.

Unfortunately, in contrary to previous promises and commitments under international laws, the Pakistani side often creates hindrances at Karachi port and closes the doors under unjustified pretexts during the advent of Afghan agricultural crops and fruits season.

It doesn’t only affect the trade between the two countries, but also increases the distance between the brotherly people and countries, and cause hinderances and delays in the trade and transit of the entire region.

As large number of passengers (women, elderly men, and children) are stranded on both sides of Torkham along with the funerals, the closure of the door is unjustified in anyway.

Since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan remains committed to resolving issues through understanding and diplomatic dialogue, considering its economy-centric foreign policy, which is based on the facilitation of trade and transit in the region, It reminds the Pakistani side that such actions are detrimental to the trade of Afghanistan, region and national economy of Pakistan, which is heavily dependent the most on exports in the current situation.

The two sides should seek solutions to these problems through understanding in a bid to improve trade, transit and economy of the region, and not to allow political and other issues to undermine the economy, trade and the free movement of people.